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Who We Are

The expert private lenders at Hard Money Mobile provide funds to bridge your commercial
real estate project to conventional financing.
Hard Money Mobile helps you where banks and other lending companies cannot.
We work fast, discreetly, and understand how to overcome the obstacles that hold up deals.

We know how to close loans.

We have successfully funded

Over 1000 happy

Some of their properties include:
  • 29 apartment units and commercial space (Marion Indiana).
  • Rehab a nail salon (Jersey City, NJ).
  • State-of-the-art sports center (North Carolina).
  • Improved with a retail/residential building containing ±13,060 sq. ft (New Jersey).
  • Direct beachfront on the secluded Chocolate Hole Bay currently hosting 26 built villas (Caribbean Sea).
  • A four-story mixed-use commercial stand-alone office building, (Totawa, NJ).
  • A rental apartment complex (Washington DC).

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By working with HMM, you are getting the best in loan packages from start to finish.

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Due Diligence pricing (we can’t be beaten)
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To close your loan,
we will meet these requirements

Your Due Diligence deposit program:
  • Pay only a part of the full due diligence fees to start
  • We will get back to you with a verbal loan offer for your approval to move forward
  • Satisfy all legal requirements.
  • Do a full appraisal on the property collateral behind the loan
  • Official funding in as few as 10 days

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